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Packaging and Design Trends for 2015

Posted on January 9, 2015 by Kyle Jack

kyle-jack A package is a storyteller, and yields tremendous influence. It persuades and entices a buyer. It makes promises. And its design is every bit as important as the product within.

Packages are increasingly becoming useful extensions of a product, adding value and pleasing customers by decreasing waste.

The packaging industry is subject to trends and movements like any other, and here are exciting new developments to watch for in 2015.

Flexible Packaging

The flexible packaging category will continue its incredible growth in 2015. Stand-up pouches will see the largest growth here, because they’re convenient and useful, and allow for unique design and capacity. Stand-Up-Pouch-495x500

Hyper-functional Packaging

Wine Packaging that goes beyond the basics of housing, protecting and transporting a product will flourish in 2015. Consumers want innovation and added value. Occasionally consumers buy products because they desire add-ons as much as the actual products. Multi-use packaging will be seen as superior to packaging that offers only a product inside. However, the packaging must be designed so the customer easily recognizes the dual function for this trend to succeed.

Raw and Natural Materials

Environmentally-friendly packaging that uses raw and natural materials is ideal for connecting with green-conscious consumers. Raw and natural materials are tear resistant and high in elasticity, and lessen the consumers’ guilt about buying packaged products. Natural Material Cup

White on Clear Packaging

White on Clear Olives Today’s brands strive for an honest and pure image. White on clear packaging is a trend that allows a product to speak for itself. A transparency in packaging can symbolize brand transparency.

Hand-Drawn or Hand-Written Typography

With technology on the rise, brands are looking to connect with consumers in a personal way. They want customers to connect with the face behind the brand, one that is welcoming and thoughtful. Hand-drawn, personal, and imaginative features project this image. Hand Written Bread


Milk Minimalism The design movement of minimalism is creating big waves with its simplistic designs and unique finishings, such as emboss or matte. Visually, the minimalism design stands out as bold in color and text, yet not overpowering. This eye-catching trend appeals to millennials.

Design and Color Variation

When a brand offers a product with flavor options, each package needs to be distinguishable and unique but maintain an equivalent representation. This is accomplished with unique design and color variations. Onion Ring Bag

Bespoke Technology

Brands solicit consumer interaction with QR codes and social media hashtags, but a new technology allows consumers with smartphones to instantly connect with influential people through a link on a package. This technology, from Bespoke Technology, links the online and offline worlds via special content. A consumer points his or her smartphone at a package and receives a unique message from a celebrity.

These are some of the inspiring new advances you can watch for in 2015, as companies seek to further the human connection between their brands and consumers. With an emphasis on environmentally-friendly materials, dual functioning, minimalism and hand-written and hand-drawn typography, this will be a thrilling year for packaging and design trends.

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