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Short run production is a niche that most companies cannot fill either because a project is too small or too large. Manufacturing companies cannot handle a project consisting of a couple hundred displays because it isn’t large enough to justify the setup for big machines and the tooling required for production. Small print shops have trouble because jobs of this size exceed their capacity and most do not have all the right equipment in place to produce it properly and efficiently.

We provide clients with all varieties of packaging and displays that are needed for meetings with major retail buyers. Because great opportunities often arrive with little notice, we deliver emergency packaging services when you need them most! Think of us when you need something done the right way with a rapid turn around.

Rapid Prototypes has a creative team with the experience and talent to execute any design project you can imagine. It provides a turn key solution for a multitude of creative needs including displays, packaging, signage, 3d renderings and much more. Our experience gives our customers the edge.

Rapid Prototypes

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Rapid Prototypes conducts business with integrity and respect while consistently exceeding expectations.

Customers come first. We provide innovative solutions using our industry experience of production and design: the fast paced retail environment is where we thrive.

Rapid Prototypes is committed to providing on time results with high quality craftsmanship. It is our privilege to connect with our customers, meet their needs and ensure their success.